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How To Wash Yoga Clothes

If you're a yoga fanatic, or you just like keeping active, you'll probably know that yoga clothes and sportswear can be a pain to get really clean. Do you feel as though, no matter how many times you wash yoga clothes, sometimes the smell will never be gone? We've got you! 
That's right, we've got the best tips and tricks for how to wash yoga clothes, keeping them odour-free but delicately preserving those performance fabrics too - here's how to wash yoga clothes. 
Tips Before You Wash
  • Wash yoga clothes as soon as possible after wearing - you don't want any bacteria to linger and proliferate! 
  • If you can't wash immediately, leave your clothes to air after use, rather than shoving them into a gym bag or hamper. Try hanging them on the back of your door, or if this isn't practical, a mesh bag is a good compromise.
  • Turn the clothes inside out to wash! Since most of the sweat and oils will be on the inside of the clothing, wash yoga clothes inside out to target this more quickly.

Washing Your Clothes

One of our top tips to wash yoga clothes, with their tough performance fabrics, is to use a liquid detergent - this is people you'll be more likely to get all the product completely washed out, whereas some powder detergents can leave unwanted residue hang around in synthetic fibres, especially if you don't stick to the recommended dose. 

Our No.5 Eco Wash for Sportswear provides a powerful cleaning experience, designed specifically for synthetics fibres often used in yoga clothes. It has a refreshing fragrance of lime and cooling peppermint, combined with deodorising essential oils, eucalyptus and lemongrass, leaving your clothes fresh and invigorated, ready for your next workout! This is a useful secret weapon for stubborn odours and is also great for lifting stains. It just really works!


 Our Top Tips

  • No need to go overboard on detergent. Believe it or not, doubling up your detergent beyond the recommended dose won't make the clothes cleaner. Our Eco Wash for Sportswear is quite concentrated, so 1.5/2.5 caps will be plenty for a lighter load, and 3/4 caps for a fuller load.  
  • Avoid fabric softener - it's sportwear's worst enemy. Instead of making your clothes cleaner, fabric softener will create a barrier that locks stinky smells in, preventing moisture from evaporating. 
  • Machine drying your yoga clothes is a no go, since this can wear down the performance fabrics. Furthermore, sometimes, machines don’t get clothes completely dry, and then they sit in a hot, moist pile waiting for you to take them out of the dryer. Not the best move for freshness! Letting them hang-dry ensures they get constant air flow as moisture evaporates.

Struggling with mud stains on your running gear, or even sweat stains on your gym clothes? No problem! Try our  No.10 Stain Removal - simply pop the stained area, or the whole item into a bowl of warm water, sprinkle on our stain removal granules and ideally rub them into the area gently and leave to soak. The stain will be gone in no time.

With our top tips, you'll be able to wash those yoga clothes simply and easily, and help them to really last. Plus, they're going to be super fresh for your next yoga session - what's not to love? 

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