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How To Take Care Of Your Suit | Our Suit Care Guide

A good suit is a staple item in any wardrobe and is a lifelong investment if cared for properly. Whether you're a boardroom boss and wear a suit every day, or simply enjoy wearing it for special occasions, it likely deserves some TLC from time to time.
This guide to caring for your suits will extend the life of your suit to help you get many more years of wear - here's how to wash a suit, care for your suit and much more in our ultimate suit care guide.
1) Invest in quality
Anyone who has ever bought or owned a suit will know that investing in quality is the number one way to ensure your suit lasts a lifetime.
This is because of the quality of the material, the standard of craftsmanship, and the time and skill that has gone into making the suit. You will also find yourself more likely to be committed to good suit care for a quality set!
2) Wear the right size 
It sounds obvious, but wearing an ill-fitting suit will put pressure on areas such as the seams, which will increase the likelihood of a rip or tear occurring - always make sure you're dressing in the right sized suit. 
3) Rotate your suits between wearing
It’s important to give your suit time to breathe after wearing; hanging the suit will allow the fabric to relax and any wrinkles to fall out. It’s best to avoid wearing the same suit for consecutive days, especially suit trousers which are unable to withstand as many wears as a jacket. 
4) Mend right away 
Suit care 101 - if you do find that your suit is damaged, it’s important to mend it as soon as possible to prevent it from getting any worse. Wearing a damaged suit will only result in further damage.
You might find that a well-worn suit has small holes where you’ve caught it or as a result of clothes moths, or the jacket lining has ripped. But don’t panic, these can be fixed more easily than you might think.
At Clothes Doctor, our talented team of seamstresses can mend just about anything - from holes, to re-lining a jacket, to altering a hem, we've got you covered! All you need to do is request a quote, send of your items, and they'll be returned to you looking as good as new! 
5) Wash a suit as little as possible
A big mistake you might be making in your suit care is to wash a suit after every wear. As a general rule, the less you wash a suit, the longer it will last. 
Whilst most suits are labelled dry clean only, it’s best to only use this method as a last resort. This is because dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can damage the fibres of a suit, particularly natural materials such as wool, which can age the appearance of the suit. Not to mention they'll be returned to you in plastic. 
Instead you could try: 
  • Air out the suit after every wear in a well-ventilated area. This will give the suit time to dry out and the for the natural fibres to fall back into shape.
  • For a quick refresh, we recommend steaming your suit. This is a natural cleaning method that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and any odour without damaging the fibres. Add a splash of our Steamer Water in Blue Lily and Bergamot for a blissful fragrance and long-lasting freshness.
  • Avoid using an iron if possible to press your suit as the high temperature can cause damage and can add a sheen to the material and weaken the fabric.


  • If you notice that your suit has visible marks or stains, target specific areas and you can wash a suit by spot cleaning. Use a damp cloth with your favourite Clothes Doctor detergent to dab the area.
  • You can also use a clothes brush to remove lint, dust, hair, mud and food particles from the surface of your suit. Begin at the shoulders and work your way down, always brushing downwards in a gentle motion.



6) Storage 
Ensure your suit is clean and dry before storing as any surface dirt or debris can attract clothes moths and hence decrease the garment's lifespan. Use wood hangers rather than wire because these are contoured to match the shape and drape of a suit.
When it comes to protecting your favourite suit, our friends at Arterton have crafted the ultimate garment bag for the sartorial enthusiast. With room for three, a unique double-zip opening, foldable design, this bag protects your best-loved from dust, moths and rain. 
Looking for the perfect gift for a suit lover, or a well-earned self care present for yourself? Our Suit Care Kit has the ultimate tools you need to keep your suits looking clean and pristine. This kit contains our clothes brush, to brush away dry stains and particles, our de-pilling cashmere comb to remove those annoying bobbles from you sleeves, and three fragrance bags to keep your suit smelling sweet even in storage. 
We hope that, with our advice for how to wash a suit and our ultimate suit care tips, your favourite suit will last for years to come, and you'll be looking fabulous both in the office, and at the family wedding!
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