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How To Start Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Spring is right around the corner and, as the season of new beginnings, we thought there was no better time to focus on spring cleaning our wardrobes, as we prepare to go back out into the world and start afresh!

To do this we've partnered with Declutter on Demand, who have helped us compile some fool-proof advice to getting your wardrobe into a place that makes you feel happy, calm and in control.A good spring clean is extremely gratifying, but we also know it can feel overwhelming to tackle all the clutter which has gathered over the winter months. That's where our guide comes in. Let's break this down, step by step.


  • Diarise: consider how much time you have to dedicate to your spring cleaning. Diarise tasks in your diary and block out this time so you have some uninterrupted time to spring clean.

  • Bite-size chunks: break tasks down into smaller bite-size chunks. Start by breaking this task down into clothes, shoes, accessories. You can even break it down into even smaller categories to fit around your schedule e.g. tops, bottoms, underwear, socks, sportswear.

  • Need help? Hiring a professional organiser to help you declutter and organise means that you can achieve your decluttering goals for your home more easily than trying to do so on your own. We recommend finding an expert organiser to help you from Declutter on Demand - trust us! You'll be surprised how quickly you will get into that spring clean feeling.


The best way to kick-start a wardrobe declutter is to pull everything out from our wardrobes, category by category (ie: coats, shoes, bags, knitwear etc), in order to review what we've got; whilst this may seem counterproductive, this will allow you to assess your wardrobe in its entirety. You'll probably find some items in there you haven't seen (or worn!) in a while. Decluttering is a crucial step in spring cleaning as it makes the actual cleaning so much easier and quicker. So before cleaning it, organise it! 
We recommend sorting your closet to create three piles – Donate, Repair or Alter, and Keep – this will ensure nothing gets mixed up and help you on your way to wardrobe zen. 


Try to avoid sending your unwanted pile to landfill, so if you find items that don't really bring that much of a sparkle to you, tell your friends that you've giving away your clothes, drop them at local charity shop, or dispose of them responsibly at a textile recycling centre. Remember to make sure these are clean (browse our selection of Eco Wash Detergents that best suit your items) before waving goodbye.

Hopefully somebody else can get just as much enjoyment out of your old clothes as you did! 



Now it's time to get creative with old favourites you might also be hoarding, that no longer fit or feel out of date. It's only natural that there are going to be times when our clothes are in need of a little TLC, and there's no better time than a spring clean decluttering, to give those items a little love.

So instead of ditching these, give them a new lease of life by repairing - request a quote from our team and we'll help you! 



Before folding or hanging your clothes back inside the wardrobe, check they are clean and smell good first! Most of you are familiar with sorting your laundry by colour: whites, pastels, light greys in one pile, and deep coloured clothes in another. But, at Clothes Doctor, we recommend sorting your clothes instead by the technique that you'll use to clean them. 

1) Refresh pile for steaming (light marks, slight odours, creased, tired looking)
2) Machine wash pile 
(heavily soiled, well worn or smelly items that are machine washable)
3) Hand wash pile (silk, knitwear, etc - read our blog 'What can and can't be washed at home' for more info on these items).



Once you have decluttered and cleaned, it's time to get things sorted! According to our good friends over at Declutter on Demand, the ground rules for organising items are:

  • Store similar items together
  • Store items as near as possible to where you use them
  • Ensure that you can easily pull out and put back items
  • Measure spaces to make sure that you store items in containers which fit the space well. Drawer dividers, shelf inserts and vacuum pack bags are all great ways to organise and maximise space.

And an extra tip from Clothes Doctor: make sure to keep things fresh by popping a fragrance bag in so that when you get them out later in the year, they will smell lovely! Why not subscribe to our Anti-Moth Warrior Box and save 10%? 



Now you can sit back and enjoy the results of our spring cleaning tips! If this all felt like a lot of work this time around, try to keep these good practices in place day to day: perhaps a regular date such as a mini tidy each Saturday morning might help to make the process much quicker next spring! For more inspo on how to make the most of your wardrobe, check out our other blogs or browse our bestsellers.



We hope that our spring cleaning list has given you some inspiration and a plan of action on how to spring clean your home.

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