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How To Restore Leather

A leather jacket is an essential and classic item in any person's wardrobe. If cared for properly, leather jackets can be loved and enjoyed for life. 

Whether you've been given a hand-me-down jacket from a relative, or found a gem in your local vintage shop, there are easy steps you can take to extend the life of your leather and keep it looking fabulous for longer. You might find that after a while, your leather jacket begins to look faded, cracked, and stained - whilst this is a normal part of wear and tear - giving your jacket some TLC once a year can preserve its quality. 

1) Rehydrate

It's really important to regularly maintain your leather jacket to keep it supple, pliable, and resilient. A rehydration treatment can restore moisture, suppleness and softness, adding years to your jacket. 

Leather jacket rehydration

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Clothes Doctor's Sandalwood Natural Leather Balm allows you to rehydrate your jacket from your own home. Our balm can be applied with the exfoliating natural sea sponges, and then buffed with the bamboo lint-free cloth! Even better, get all three in a leather care kit set. 

Alternatively, in our repairs service the intense rehydration treatment uses an all-natural secret recipe, which is applied by hand to the leather and left to soak for three days. Afterwards, a natural sandalwood balm is used to bring your leather back to life. You can request a quote to order the treatment.


2) New lining, new life!

Changing the lining in your leather jacket is another great way to give it new life and increase the overall lifespan. You've also got the freedom to be as bold as you like with your fabric and colour choice, to really personalise your jacket. 

 Woman wearing leather jacket

When you request a leather relining from us, we meticulously cut the old lining from your item, then use it as a pattern to draw out, cut and stitch a replacement into place. Choose from a range of fabulous fabrics and colours to add a personal touch! 


 3) Re-dye

Restoring the colour of your leather jacket is a really simple way to restore some life. Whether you love your jacket but aren't sure on the colour, or would simply like a touch-up, recolouring is the perfect way to refresh an old favourite.

Leather jacket

If cared for properly, your leather jacket will last a lifetime. 


To keep your entire wardrobe looking renewed and refreshed, explore our range of clothing care products that extend the life of your garments. 


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