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How To Patch Jeans | Sew A Patch

A hole or tear can make a much-loved item of clothing no longer wearable. But before you think about ditching your damaged item, you can repair the damage by sewing a patch to conceal and reinforce the damaged area, and make it wearable again. It's time to learn how to patch jeans! 
In this guide we'll walk you through our process of how to sew a patch on jeans to cover an annoying hole, and everything you need to do this in the comfort of your home - you can even patch jeans with a brightly coloured fabric to create a funky feature. On your marks, get set - here's how to patch jeans.
To patch jeans you will need:
Essential: Fabric patch, thread and a needle, scissors, pins
Preferable: Measuring tape, fabric marker. 
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1. Start off by finding the fabric you want to patch your garment with - this can be a strong fabric like denim or any other decorative fabric. You could find an old item in your wardrobe that is totally worn out perhaps, and cut a piece off that to upcycle it. 
2. Cut a piece of fabric to the size and shape you require to cover the hole, making sure the patch is bigger than the damaged area by at least 0.5 - 1cm all the way around.

3. Choose your thread. You can choose from wool, embroidery thread, or any colour cotton, depending on whether you want a perfect match or statement repair. Pinning the patch to the garment will make it easier for you when it comes to sewing.
4. If the patch is in an area where it will have to withstand tension, for example on the knee, we recommend using a sturdy stitch like a blanket stitch.
5. Place the patch over the hole. If you'd like a more subtle repair, turn the garment inside out and sew the patch on the inside. Alternatively, if you'd like a statement repair, you can patch jeans on the outside of the fabric. 
6. Draw a dotted line with your fabric marker around the patch as a guide when sewing.
7. Start with your blanket stitching, pushing the thread through both fabrics, then back up to the outer side of the patch. As the loop tightens, push the needle through the loop to catch the thread, and then move a little along to the right on the edge of the patch and repeat.
8Continue this process around the whole patch.
9. When the patch is secured on all sides, push the needle through to the inside and do a couple of small straight stitches underneath to finish it off, then snip off any excess thread.
10. Turn the garment back to the front and snip off any frayed edges.
11. Once it’s been stitched, press or iron the area to give it a professional finish.
12. To ensure a gentle but powerful clean for your jeans, wash with our signature detergent. Its non-biological formula nurtures your garments, while packing a punch against stains, and is free from toxins and harsh chemicals. Perfect for your new statement jeans! 
13. Enjoy wearing your newly repaired garment with confidence!
There you go! - now you know how to patch jeans like a pro. If your garment requires some professional help, or for any other repairs or alterations, get in touch with our team of experts and request a quote!
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