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How To Hem Jeans By Hand

So your favourite jeans feel too long to wear? We know the struggle, and it can be a nightmare for those much loved garments. BUT we've got your back! So here's how you can hand hem jeans at home! 
You Will Need
A Tape Measure, Scissors, Pins, A Fabric Marker, Safety Pins, Heavy Duty Needle, Threat (Usually Orange For Jeans)

Step 1. Whilst wearing your jeans, mark with a fabric marker or use a safety pin to fold up one leg to the correct length and then pin. 

Step 2.  After you’ve carefully taken the jeans off (avoiding any pins) - measure the pinned amount with your tape measure and use your fabric marker to mark all around the leg of the jeans, making sure it is the same amount around both legs.

Step 3. Turn the jeans inside out.

Step 4. Be sure to leave enough excess fabric to fold in twice - each of the folds needs to be around 1-1.5cm in thickness. 

Step 5.  Depending on how much you are shortening by, you may find that you have some excess fabric, which will need trimming. 

Step 6. Turn the excess fabric up on the inside the leg, folding on the marked lines and pin the fold into place.

Step 7. Thread your needle with a closely matching colour to the original thread on your jean - traditionally a golden dark orange. Make a knot at the end of the thread to prevent it from being pulled straight through the fabric.

Step 8. Begin stitching about 0.4cm from the top edge of the folded fabric. 

Step 9. For a durable backstitch, push the needle into the layer of fabric at the point where you want to start; we recommend starting at the seam to make sure it blends as best as possible.

Step 10. Bring the needle back through both layers of fabric just in front of the previous stitch for the strongest backstitch. This is very similar to a machine stitch.

Step 11. Push the needle back into the fabric at the point between where the needle came in and out of the fabric to create the first stitch.

Step 12. Bring the needle up through the fabric the same distance you came forward in creating the first stitch. These stitches can be as tight or spaced as you want.

Step 13. Repeat this process of one step forward, one step back, until you've made it the entire way around the leg. Remember to carefully remove the pins as you go. 

Step 14. It is important to do a double stitch where the stitching begins and ends to secure the line of stitching.

Step 15. Repeat the process on the other leg, then press the hems with an iron for a neat finish.

Tah dah! You're ready to strut your stuff in those jeans again!

If you need help hemming jeans, or any other clothing repair, request a quote from our seamstresses today!


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