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How To Fold A Shirt, in Partnership with Dundas London

Although spring still feels like a long way away, it's actually just round the corner, and there may even be some staycations on the horizon too (praise be!). With this exciting news in mind, there's no better time to get your head around one of life's trickiest conundrums, the art of shirt folding!

Whether it's business or work travel, a weekend away, or simply making space in your wardrobe, a perfectly folded shirt, when unfolded, will have creases in all the right places, and crucially, none in the collar. Not only that, it is insanely satisfying, and worth practising for its mindful qualities alone. 

We are excited to partner with our good friends at Dundas London for this collaboration, who are offering Clothes Doctor readers the chance to win a FREE Dundas London shirt (until 28th Feb 2021)!



 Now time to read on and discover a new life skill, the art of shirt folding.

1. Lay the shirt front face down, and buttons preferably done up;

 2. Fold the left third of the shirt inwards, so that the left sleeve lies partially across the right sleeve, then fold it back on itself to align with the right edge of the shirt.

3. Fold the left sleeve inward again, in half.

4. Repeat the steps above for the right sleeve.

5. When you're done with the right sleeve, place one hand on top of the folded sleeves and fold the bottom edge of the shirt up, so that the bottom edge aligns with the underside of the folded sleeves.

6. With one hand underneath touching the collar, turn the shirt over so that the collar is facing upwards.  And voilá! There you have it! A properly folded shirt ready to be packed!

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