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How to Care for your Winter Coat

It's really getting chilly now, and so you're probably reaching into your wardrobe for thick coats and maybe a nice woollen hat, as we head through autumn and into winter.

However, you might well be looking at a tailored coat, a leather jacket, or a favourite down jacket, that's looking a little tired and smelling less than fresh after a few months in storage. Maybe you even wondered how to dry clean your coat at home. But don't worry! Clothes Doctor is here with our top tips for how to care for your winter coat, from washing to storage and everything in between, to keep your coats lasting for years!



Coat Care

Our first tip is how to wash your coat. For tailored coats made from fabric, they'll usually say 'dry clean only' in the care label. At some point, you've probably wondered how to dry clean your coat at home. However, it's actually often best to avoid a full wash or dry clean if possible, and give it a good brush down with our Clothes Brush. You'll be amazed how much in the way of dirt, dust, bobbles and hair will come off!

Then move on to a light steam, adding a few drops of our Steamer Water with Blue Lily and Bergamot. Steaming is a fantastic way to remove odours and kills 96% of bacteria too. It really refreshes the fibres without needing to apply strong chemicals to them.




These are usually well-suited to machine washing at 30 degrees; the only risk is that the stuffing can get lumpy as it dries. To avoid this, we recommend adding a tennis ball to the tumble dryer, or if you're air drying, then give it a good shake and turn every now and then as it dries.


A wool coat can be cleaned at home for a fraction of the price of taking it to the dry cleaners, and its so easy to clean your coat at home! 
Step 1: Are there dry dirt marks like mud, dust, food, powder? If so then take our Clothes Brush and give the coat a good brush down. 
Step 2: Are there stains or discolouration? If so, try spot cleaning the coat, so you can get rid of any marks without the need for a full wet wash! Grab your favourite Clothes Doctor detergent, wet a sponge, and dab the stained area. We find the sportswear detergent works especially well for this, as it is super effective at removing stains.
Step 3: Grubby looking bobbles, lint and hair making your jacket look worn out? Then our Cashmere Comb is perfect. Run it gently across the fabric to remove any bobbles and renew your coat.



Leather Jacket

Leather jackets often have a lining made from synthetic material that can start to smell over time. Our Deodorising Spritz is a great way to remove odours without needing to take it to the dry cleaner. For the exterior of the jacket, apply our Sandalwood Leather Balm periodically to restore and protect your jacket.



Try to store your coats with a little space either side, in a closet or wardrobe, so air can freely move through the coat and its lining and remove odours. With materials like leather, this is especially important as not hanging it can lead to creasing which won't come out.

Moth repellent scent bag

Once you've used a spray to keep odours off, however, you might be worried about clothes moths. Clothes moths will eat any part of a coat made from natural fibres, and cause small holes that are unattractive and not easy to repair. Fortunately, you can add natural fragrances and scents to your wardrobe which will fend off these moths without the use of harsh chemicals. Our 'Protect Me' Natural Fragrance Bag has lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus scents which not only help keep moths away, but also keep your clothes smelling better than ever. All you have to do is put a bag in your closet with your coats when you're storing them!


If you do get moth damage, or other small holes, in a wool coat, cotton lining or other woven materials, you will need one of our Darning Needle sets. With these, you can darn over the hole with a contrasting colour thread, or try to match it if you prefer. For bigger holes and problems, we'd recommend one of our professional seamstresses who can give you a quote.
So there you go, that's all of our top tips for keeping your coats looking as good as new, for as long as possible. If you follow our advice, you should be able to keep a coat looking good and keeping you warm years after you bought it! Why not check out the rest of our range to discover other ways to keep on top of laundry day!
For more expert clothing care tips explore more of our blogs, such as how to repair a moth hole. For our whole range of detergentsmists, and our natural moth repellent range that are perfect for every type of fabric, explore our whole range.



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