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How To Care For Your Cycling Gear

Whether you're a Tour de France fanatic or a fair weather cyclist, cycling gear is designed for high performance, and so you need it to stand the test of time for those many hours on the road. We've partnered with CHPT3 to give you the best tips and tricks to wash, dry and store your kit so you can keep cycling in style for longer! 


clothes brush remove mud

If you've had a particularly wet and muddy ride, you'll want to pre-treat your kit before washing. Mud in your washing machine may grind on your clothes, causing damage. Furthermore, excess dirt may get stuck, clogging the machine and meaning any laundry products may not get washed away properly. It's best to give your kit a quick fix to remove excessive mud first! 
Try our Natural Bristle Clothes Brush to remove dried mud and dirt from your clothing. Made with beechwood and natural bristles, it's the perfect way to get rid of that dirt, plus it's gentle enough to keep your kit looking great! 




Before placing your clothes in the machine - there's a few things you can do to make sure your cycling kit comes out clean and pristine.  
  • Turn items inside out so the dirtiest parts get cleaned most effectively. As the inside of garments are where most sweat and oils will be, turning items inside out will help target that area more easily. 

  • Zip up any zippers on garments. Zipper teeth can catch and pull on fabrics while in the washing machine - even zippers brushing past fabrics can cause abrasion, so it's best to zip up your zippers. 

  • And the biggest abrasion culprit in your cycling kit? Velcro! Make sure to fasten Velcro closures on jackets or gloves so the 'hook' side of the 'hook and loop' system is fully covered - you don't want those hooks catching on to other garments and pulling or ripping at fabrics! 

  • For garments with abrasive features like zips or Velcro, you could wash in a microfibre bag for extra protection, with the added benefit of reducing microplastic pollution in your waste water Similarly, washing these garments separately so there's no risk to your other clothes! 

  • Funky smells? Are persistent odours hanging around in your gym wear? Check out our best advice for removing those lingering smells from any sportswear...



eco wash for sportswear

Get yourself a detergent designed for performance fabrics to provide the best cleaning experience for your kit!

Our No.5 Eco Wash for Sportswear  has a refreshing fragrance of lime and cooling peppermint, combined with deodorising essential oils, eucalyptus and lemongrass, leaving your clothes fresh and invigorated, ready for your next ride! It's a useful secret weapon for odours and stains caused by mud and deodorant. It just really works!



laundry basket

  • Wash as soon as possible so stains and odours don't have time to set and linger. 

  • Take it easy on the detergent! You may think more detergent = better cleaning, but overdoing the product means it may not all be washed out properly, leaving residue on your clothes. Our Eco Wash for Sportswear is quite concentrated, so 1.5/2.5 caps will be plenty for a lighter load, and 3/4 caps for a fuller load.  

  • Wash in medium to cool water. High temperatures are something that can irreparably damage performance fabrics used in cycling gear. Fibres like elastic in your shorts or mesh in your shirts will suffer especially from hot treatments, so washing cooler is always best for these!

  • Stay away from the fabric softener! Instead of making your sports clothes cleaner, fabric softener will create a barrier that locks stinky smells in, preventing moisture from evaporating. For a fresher wash for your kit, avoid the fabric softener. 
air dry
Make sure to air-dry your cycling clothes, as machine drying is a no go. Machine dryers can wear down the delicate performance fabrics, and sometimes, machines don’t get clothes completely dry, and then they sit in a hot, moist pile, a haven for odours and bacteria!

natural fragrances bags
Make sure your cycling gear is completely dry before putting it away in your wardrobe. Synthetic fibres are equally happy folded or hung, so whatever you prefer is fine. We recommend storing your kit next to our Natural Fragrance Bags that are packed full of gorgeous smelling lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus.


cycling kit
Now you know the best way to wash and dry your cycling kit, so you'll be looking like a pro athlete out on the roads for many rides to come! 
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