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Four Ways To Rehome Your Clothes

At Clothes Doctor, we're all about the circular fashion movement. This is the idea that fashion and textiles are reused and recycled to eliminate waste, pollution, and regenerating the environment in a 'circular model'. 
So how can you join in with the circular fashion movement? What should you do with the clothes you no longer wear? Our goal is to wear and love our clothes for as long as possible through mindful care, repair and reinvention. However, there are times where you just need to get rid of some clothes, whether this is due to an overcluttered wardrobe, a fluctuation in size or simply a change in style. 
Don't, whatever you do, just throw those clothes in the bin. Here's 4 ways you can rehome your clothes. 
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1. Rehome your clothes by re-selling online 
We love that the advent of online re-selling platforms means that we can give our clothes a second life, at the click of a few buttons. Re-selling apps like Depop and Vinted, or auction apps like Ebay provide the perfect opportunity to pass on your unwanted clothes, and make some money at the same time! In a way, it's a circular model for both the planet, and for your wallet. 
2. Rehome your clothes by donating to charity 
Now, this could be as simple as donating to a charity shop, but we also recommend locating charities like homeless shelters or children's homes, who will mostly likely be glad to take your second hand clothes. 
Don't get us wrong, we love charity shops, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of what gets donated to charity shops ends up in landfill anyway, from reasons like the clothes being unsuitable for resale, to the shops receiving too many clothes to sell. Taking your clothes to a charity shop is great, but you'll be doing more good finding a specific charity to donate to, if you can! 
3. Rehome your clothes by recycling the fabric at a recycling centre
So, you've got some clothes that are unsuitable for re-sale or donation. What do you do now?  
Well, luckily, we've been seeing a lot of textile waste recycling bins popping up here and there, and we're big fans! From local supermarket recycling stops to larger scale rubbish centres, you can probably find a clothes recycling station somewhere if you keep your eyes peeled. "There's even one outside my apartment building -" says Laura from the Clothes Doctor team. 
If you're looking to spot one, they're often large caddies, often yellow in the UK, where you can deposit fabric waste or old clothes.
4. Recycle your old clothes in the home 
If your clothes are too past-their-best to re-sell, and if you cant find a textile recycling point - here's a smart idea. You can recycle your old clothes into items for the home. 
You might remember, last winter we did a video about how to make Christmas decorations from old fabric. Making décor like bunting is a fantastic way to spruce up your home with the old fabric. 
Furthermore, you could even use old clothes to makeover your new clothes. For example, use a fabric that you love but can no longer wear to patch a whole in a pair of jeans! That way, you've recycled the fabric, and breathed some new life into your wardrobe at the same time. 
Finally, a friend of Clothes Doctor recently told us that she rips up unusable clothes and uses them as kitchen cloths and towels - "I never buy jay cloths or sponges any more". This has the two-fold benefit of recycling your clothes while saving on the purchasing and waste of buying perishable kitchen fabrics. We love it! 
And there they are, 4 ways you can rehome your clothes to work towards a more circular fashion movement. What's key to remember is that every little helps when it comes to sustainable fashion, and making some small steps in our everyday fashion habits will lead to big differences in the long term. If you have any other ways you rehome your clothes, pop us a message on Instagram, @clothesdoctoruk , to let us know! 
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