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Fashion Innovation: Make, Do & Mend

During World War 2 aka the era of rationing, the British Government issued a pamphlet titled ‘Make Do and Mend’. It carried useful tips on repair, upkeep and reuse of clothes.
A version of that frugal fashion guide, updated for the current fast-fashion era sounds relevant, especially when Britons alone discard around a million tonnes of textiles every year. That generation of waste further compounds the problem as the apparel industry’s production processes carry a hefty environmental cost in terms of energy, water and land use.
Simply extending the life of a garment by an extra nine months could reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by more than one-fifth, according to a 2017 study by UK-based non-profit, WRAP. Therefore, the case for a revival of the ethos of ‘make do and mend’ is stronger than ever before. It presents itself as a low hanging fruit in the race to a sustainable fashion future.
"While omnipresent repair shops might still be placed in the distant future, a number of online start-ups have stepped in to meet this growing demand. London-based Clothes Doctor is one such service that allows a time-poor customer to order courier pickups for alterations, customisation and repairs."
That's us! Our repairs and alterations services can help you love your garments for years to come: we mend, you make do! 
Here's how the Clothes Doctor repair services work...
1. Get a quote. Browse through our repair service to see our prices for an array of repairs or alterations, and let us know what you need by requesting a quote from our team.
2. Send your items for repair. Join the movement and prevent your clothing from ending up in landfill. If you're UK-based, just pop your garments in a jiffy bag and self ship to our team, or choose to get a CollectPlus label. We'll take good care of them!
3. We'll deliver. 7-10 days later, your revived clothes will be delivered to the comfort of your home. Congrats! You've just joined the Clothes Doctor revolution to embrace a more sustainable wardrobe.
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