Eco Incentives For 2020: Eco Age Feature Clothes Doctor - Clothes Doctor

Eco Incentives For 2020: Eco Age Feature Clothes Doctor

This month we were featured by Eco Age in their guide Eco Incentives for 2020

"So this year, we decided to ask our contributors and team to set themselves an eco intention instead; a tip, trick or goal they are looking to in the new year to lighten their environmental impact, taking a slower approach to attainable positive changes.

Whether they start in January or June, it's progress not perfection that makes sustaining your intentions more easily-achievable. See what they had to say to inspire your own!"
 Clothes Doctor Eco Silk Wash

Eco Age spoke with brand consultant Rosanna Falconer, and she says  "Dry cleaning techniques use perchloroethylene - a chemical that gives that ‘clean smell’. It is both neurotoxic and carcinogenic. I’m going to counteract this by using the Silk Eco Wash from the Clothes Doctor and hand washing instead. I’ll then finish by ironing on a low heat (a lengthy but meditative act!)."

Click here to read the full feature on Eco Age's blog. 

Want to find out more about Clothes Doctor's eco products and our mission to reduce fashion pollution and waste? Click here. 

Eco Wash Signature Detergent
Clothes Doctor
Clothing Spritz - White Tea and Mint
Clothes Doctor
Knitwear Mist - Lavender and Thyme
Clothes Doctor
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