Clothes & The Rest Features Clothes Doctor Founder Lulu O'Connor

Clothes And The Rest is a podcast and online space celebrating ethical fashion. Founded by fashion journalist Holly Bullock, Clothes And The Rest spotlights creatives flouting the conventional path of mass consumerism, in favour of a more considered approach to style.
Interviewing champions of sustainability, the podcast aims to shed new light on the slow fashion movement, and inspire listeners to live more consciously. Clothes Doctor founder Lulu O’Connor was the latest guest chatting about clothes maintenance and sustainable fashion.
Lulu O'Connor explains why Clothes Doctor is convenient when you don’t have time for DIY fixes or even own a needle and thread. And if there was one thing she’d want all her customers to know is the secret about zips!
“We replace zips all the time, but sometimes a zip isn’t actually broken, it’s just stiff. If you take a pencil, and rub the lead up and down a zip, that can really loosen it up. Even if it feels as if it’s not moving at all, it may not need replacing.” - Lulu O'Connor, Clothes Doctor founder.
Listen here to the full episode, for more tips and tricks for sustainable fashion from Lulu.