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Clothes Doctor x Save Your Wardrobe Partnership

An exciting new partnership on the way in 2019! We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our latest one Clothes Doctor x Save Your Wardrobe.
The app that promises a double whammy of more streamlined and sustainable living, now adding Clothes Doctor as an in-app service to assist with clothing maintenance.
We can’t wait for the new year!
Clothes Doctor and the exciting new app Save Your Wardrobe are delighted to announce our partnership launching in January 2019. This will allow Save Your Wardrobe users to order wardrobe maintenance through the app, creating an effortless way to maintain and refresh their clothing through repairs, alterations and customisation treatments; what Clothes Doctor is all about.
Save Your Wardrobe is an app where its users can build a digital wardrobe by instantly uploading their online purchases or existing items through computer vision. The mobile app includes outfit recommendations based on owned items as well as lifestyle, weather and calendar. They are also integrating services like dry cleaning, alteration, selling and donating pointers, to understand and manage users wardrobes. Save Your Wardrobe is estimated to have 10,000 active users by the end of 2019.
Lulu O’Connor, founder of Clothes Doctor commented “we are delighted to be working with such an innovative business as Save Your Wardrobe. This partnership will provide access to a new market of consumers, raise brand awareness and reduce our customer acquisition cost further. We believe the business will go from strength to strength, and are happy to be with them on this journey”
Hasna Kourda, CEO and co-founder of Save Your Wardrobe commented about the partnership “Our users are eager to have a solution that give them pro-active recommendations on how to give a second life to their clothes. This is where this partnership is really exciting for us. Integrating Clothes Doctor services in our mobile application will disrupt the way people interact with their wardrobe.”
You can check out Save Your Wardrobe here, and shop the whole Clothes Doctor range to become a clothing care pro in no time. 
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