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Clothes Doctor Talk Sustainability With Refinery29

Whether we are buying clothes, accessories, cosmetics or otherwise, we cannot get away from the fact that in the age of consumerism we buy more than we need of...well, pretty much everything. In this article, Refinery29 fashion journalist Sirena Bergman discusses exactly what to do with all of that stuff that you have bought but neglect to wear, in conversation with Clothes Doctor founder Lulu O'Connor.
Where better to start than by sending your garments to Clothes Doctor to rework. After all, we are the queens of rework, repair and rewear you know! You can find a snippet as well as a full link to the article post.
Lulu O’Connor recognised this problem when she was working in the City and regularly replacing garments with newer versions:
Lulu O'Connor: Shopping is made so easy for us now. There is no cooling off period – you can literally see something you like on Instagram, click a button and you’ve bought it. It’s so cheap that we attach no value to our clothes, so we think nothing of throwing them away.
To combat this issue, Lulu O'Connor quit her career in finance to found Clothes Doctor, a company that makes it as easy to repair and alter clothes you already have as it is to buy new. Plus, with their range of specialist detergents and essential clothing care tools, clothing care has never been easier!
Lulu O'Connor: We need to move away from the mentality that clothes are disposable. It’s okay to spend more on repairing the same item over and over again than you did on the item in the first place if it means you’re wearing something you love and not contributing more waste.
How the Clothes Doctor repair services work?
1. Get a quote. Browse through our repair and alteration services to see our prices, and let us know what you need by requesting a quote from our team.
2. Send your items for repair. Join the movement and prevent your clothing from ending up in landfill. If you're UK-based, just pop your garments in a jiffy bag and self ship to our team, or choose to get a CollectPlus label. We'll take good care of them!
3. We'll deliver. 7-10 days later, your revived clothes will be delivered to the comfort of your home. Congrats! You've just joined the Clothes Doctor revolution to embrace a more sustainable wardrobe.
Read more about our Clothes Doctor repair services here, and get a quote to join our revolution. 
Read the full article on Refinery29 right here.
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