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Stolen Goat x Clothes Doctor: Sustainable Partnership

We are so excited to officially announce our sustainable partnership with Stolen Goat. 
Stolen Goat is a premium cycling brand that believes everyone should have the freedom to choose beautiful kit to match their personality, to enjoy the roads and trails safe in the knowledge that they are investing in a quality product.
But it doesn't end there - Stolen Goat also want their customers to enjoy wearing their kit long after purchasing, and that's why they are offering their customers a lifetime guarantee on all products.
We will be working with Stolen Goat to fulfill their lifetime guarantee, offering our repair services whenever an item needs mending - to make sure every piece lasts as long as possible and can be enjoyed to the fullest. 
In honour of our partnership, we follow the repair of a Stolen Goat cycling jacket in our workshop. This much-loved jacket arrived with noticeable damage to the seam, making it no longer wearable.  Read on to see the full repair journey. 
Damaged Stolen Goat garment

Our seamstress Ellie began by assessing the damage and found that the garment needed a repair to the seam.
The garment was then turned inside out to ensure the repair is as invisible as possible. Pins are then placed to hold the seam in place.  
After placing a matching colour thread in the sewing machine, the hole is repaired by stitching along the edge. 
The new repair on the garment looks as beautiful as ever and ready to be returned to the customer to be worn and enjoyed for many happy miles.
And this is just the beginning - the possibilities for repair are truly endless. We use fabric off-cuts for repairs wherever possible and always work with sustainability and longevity in mind. 
Andy Gorman, Operations Director of Stolen Goat, commented: "We wanted to find a way to keep our customers loving their kit for as long as possible and the excellent team at Clothes Doctor fit the bill perfectly with the way they repair...Our ground-breaking partnership means we can offer our customers a lifetime guarantee on all clothing, minimising waste and ensuring they can enjoy their kit for many years to come."
You can find more information about Stolen's Goat lifetime guarantee here
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