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*our kit amnesty has now closed*
Today is the last day of our Kit Amnesty initiative with partners Stolen Goat. 
Kit Amnesty will give new life to old, unworn, or damaged cycling kit through our repair and wash services. The newly refreshed kit will then be donated to UK-based charity Gift Your Gear, who will distribute it to teenagers and adults who may not otherwise be able to afford such garments.   
We are also aligned with Stolen Goat in our mission to reduce the impact of outdoor clothing on waste and prevent textiles from ending up in landfill. Kit Amnesty aims to close the loop when previously loved kit is no longer wanted or in wearable condition.
In return for this, customers will receive 25% off Stolen Goat's new autumn range. 
Donate your unwanted kit before midnight tonight.
The initiative was featured this week by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News - you can read the full piece here