How To Wash Clothes For Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive skin, doing laundry can be a chore, and tricky to get right! Luckily, we have the best advice to keep your skin happy when you're washing your clothes. 

Many detergents on the supermarket shelves contain harsh ingredients, which is great for a powerful cleaning experience, but can be tough on our skin. If you have sensitive skin, or experience irritation after using some laundry products, you'll want to search for a detergent that's a bit kinder. 
We recommend a detergent that's mildly fragranced, dye and bleach free, and non-bio. Dyes and bleaches can irritate skin, and non-bio simply means that the product doesn't contains biological enzymes for cleaning power, often using ingredients deriving from more conventional cleaning technologies. 

eco wash for baby
Our Eco Wash For Baby, contrary to its name, isn't just for use on baby clothes, but is a fantastic detergent for all sensitive skin types. 
With a delicate and refreshing scent, its fully biodegradable formula has been specially adapted to be free from irritants and gentle on sensitive skin, whilst still tackling tough stains impressively. It is non-bio, animal-friendly and free from palm oil, because why not care for the planet at the same time as caring for your skin?!
Using a liquid detergent rather than a powder detergent is best for sensitive skin. Powder detergents are trickier to completely wash out, especially if you're using too much, so can leave a soapy residue on clothing that can lead to skin irritation. A liquid detergent will be easier to wash away, so is less likely to leave any product left on your clothes! 
Furthermore, make sure to not overfill your washing machine, so all the product can be washed out properly!
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Whether you have sensitive skin or not, you should definitely be cleaning your washing machine regularly, and it'll help with irritation too. The detergent drawer of your washing machine can easily become clogged with excess detergent that clumps together if not removed. This can encourage mould to grow in the drawer, which can cause insufferable irritation.
Cleaning products can be very harsh on the skin too, so make sure to wear gloves when cleaning your machine!

Fabric conditioner works by smoothing the fibres of your clothing, making them softer to touch. With sensitive skin, especially eczema prone skin, using fabric conditioner will keep your clothes soft and stop harsher fabrics from rubbing and irritating your skin. 
Try our Basil & Mandarin Leaf Eco Fabric Conditioner - it's free from formaldehyde and micro-plastics, making it biodegradable and ocean-friendly!
It is perfect for regular use on non-absorbent fabrics, especially cotton, wool and everyday items.

Now, we usually recommend a cool wash for most items - better for the environment - but particles and allergens can settle in your bedding leading to irritation while you sleep. This is especially true when the pollen count is high in the summer months! Washing your bedding on a hot wash (make sure to follow the instructions on the care label) will kill any lingering allergens so you can enjoy a dreamy sleep without worrying about skin irritation!

eco washing
We know how irritating skin irritation can be! We're hoping that our advice will help you on laundry day to keep your sensitive skin as happy as possible.
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