A1 Retail Magazine On The Launch Of Our Clothing Care Products - Clothes Doctor

A1 Retail Magazine On The Launch Of Our Clothing Care Products

This week A1 Retail Magazine feature our newly launched clothing care range...

"Clothes Doctor is an award-winning clothing maintenance brand specialising in clothes repairs, alterations and restoration treatments to customers across the UK. They are committed to a more sustainable approach to fashion, and their mission is to help their customers love their clothes for longer and live a more sustainable life.

Clothes Doctor have launched an exciting range of eco-friendly clothing care products. They are formulated in the UK with a blend of plant-based ingredients, which are very gentle on the fabric and skin, whilst performing to a professional cleaning standard. Expertly fragranced with, amongst other elements, sandalwood, patchouli, and bergamot, these products contain a Clothes Doctor proprietary anti-moth formulation to help protect clothing from moth damage long after washing.

Their products are part of their mission to reduce levels of fashion pollution and waste, and were formulated in response to the problems Clothes Doctor see in their customers’ clothes when they arrive at their workshop.

The bottle is made from a non-contaminating grade of aluminium, which is one of the most eco-friendly materials currently available, due to its ability to be recycled efficiently with no degradation, in a closed loop system. In addition to this, Clothes Doctor have just launched a refill programme, which means their products are available by subscription, to be delivered regularly to customers’ doors. They will also be accepting bottles back to be reused with every Clothes Doctor order.

Lulu O’Connor, Founder of Clothes Doctor says “This product range is the natural next step on our mission to reduce waste and help consumers enjoy their clothes for longer. We are proud to say that these amazing and unique products were conceived and engineered by Clothes Doctor and have been tried and approved in our workshop. We are really excited about our global supply partnership with a leading international retailer who has chosen our Eco Wash above dozens of other brands. We will be revealing details on this very soon!"

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Eco Wash Signature Detergent
Clothes Doctor
Cashmere Comb in Beechwood
Clothes Doctor
Basil & Mandarin Leaf Ultimate Duo Box
Clothes Doctor
Cashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood
Clothes Doctor
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