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5 Timeless Men's Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go with seasons, so it can seem impossible to keep up. However, there are a handful of classic men's fashion trends that can always be relied upon. 

We've curated 5 iconic looks that stand the test of time despite trends and seasons. We say that these pieces are worth investing in and can last a lifetime if properly looked after.

Simple, stylish, sustainable and above all, easy to achieve - these looks should form part of every man's staple wardrobe.

The Leather Biker Jacket

The leather jacket is perhaps the most iconic of all 5 pieces. A garment born from practicality, the leather jacket is functional, stylish and versatile. It can instantly make an outfit feel less stuffy and more casual, and it can be perfect to add structure to a soft, relaxed look. Remember, it doesn't have to be all zips and poppers - a leather jacket is available in all sorts of styles.

Men's leather jacket

Our tip 

Leather ages wonderfully, but they still have to be properly cared for. You may find that with age leather zips can become sticky or the fabric dried and cracked. Request a quote from our team for a zip replacement and rehydration treatment, which will leave your leather feeling supple and as good as new! 


The Shearling Jacket 

The Shearling Jacket is a historical artifact in itself and was traditionally used as part of a military uniform. Whilst its meaning has changed over time, the function of the shearling jacket as a source of comfort and warmth has remained the same. Pair with classic denim jeans or coloured chinos. 

The shearling jacket is truly iconic, and is a powerful piece to have in your wardrobe. 

Shearling Jacket

Image by Ape to Gentleman

Our tip 

If you are worried about the ethical and environmental implications of owning shearling, there are plenty of faux alternatives available.The Guardian's menswear fashion editor, Helen Seamons, claims that faux shearling can look as good as the real thing. She adds "Also, just remember to keep it clean - there's nothing worse than a ratty jacket." 

Keeping shearling jackets (particularly vintage) can be tricky. As durable as shearling jackets may be, washing sheepskin incorrectly can cause irreversible damage. Sheepskin can be spot-cleaned with a cloth and lukewarm water at home, but never fully submerge the fabric as this can cause damage. We recommend seeking specialist advice before attempting to clean your shearling jacket.

Wool or Cashmere Overcoat

The classic overcoat is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, and is a long-term investment. The single breasted overcoat in particular will stand the test of time when it comes to changing fashion trends. 

Wool overcoat

Our tip 

It's important that your trench coat is the proper shoulder width, and the shoulder seam is slightly extended from your shoulder bone. Sleeve width and length are also important - especially as you will likely be layering up underneath and ideally you want the sleeve to end at the beginning of your thumb! Avoid a sleeve which is too tight and too slim or wide. Request a quote from our team to have yours adjusted.


The Trench Coat 

The classic trench coat is a wardrobe essential for cool nights, blustery days and any wet weather. The trench coat is also extremely versatile, suitable for all seasons and smartens up any look. 

Men's trench coat Image by Burberry

Our tip 

Beige, cream, or light tan are by far the most classic (and stylish) colours, in contract to the traditional khaki colour. The ideal length for a trench coat is 3/4 length or 4-5 inches from the knee. If you find that your trench coat doesn't fall quite right, this can be altered. Request a quote to find out more. 

Navy blazer 

British designer Oliver Spencer names the blue blazer "a truly traditional piece that's been part of man's wardrobe for many, many years...It can be dressed up or down - its versatility is key to its existence". 

The navy blazer is a classic and has a rightful place in any man's wardrobe. This is a colour perfect for all skin types, and less formal than a traditional black blazer. Buy it in linen for the summer or heavy wool for the winter. 

Men's blazer

Our tip 

The key is perfect tailoring, particularly around the arms and shoulders. When it comes to achieving the perfect fit, the blazer should fall at least to your wrist bone but no longer than the base of your thumb. We can do everything from sleeve shortening to taking garments in, so do get in touch.


Every man should have a few of these timeless pieces, which can be relied upon year after year. Feeling inspired? Chat to our team of experts to see how we can help you take care of your timeless wardrobe pieces. 


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