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3 Hacks To Update Your Summer Wardrobe...

...without having to buy more clothes!
In the height of summer it’s inevitable that we start to stock our wardrobe with light, breathable garments for the current season. We are huge advocates of reworking what we already own. Reworking your summer wardrobe can be incredibly satisfying, gives you huge bragging rights and helps the planet too! Sounds exhausting and like hard work? Do not fear, Clothes Doctor are here to take all of the stress away.
Here are some ways in which we can help you to update back of the wardrobe lurkers for Spring/Summer 2018. With these ideas, your least-worn items will soon be back on top of the pile. Here's three hacks to update your summer wardrobe. 
1) Before: baggy, unfitted trousers. After: High-waisted shorts.
A great way to rework your summer wardrobe is by re-fashioning your unworn garments, and turning them into something new. 
Pop on your baggy low-slung trousers and then pull them up as high as they’ll comfortably go, and as fitted as you want them round the waist and hips. Check in the mirror until you’re happy with how they look. Try not to breathe in here as we don’t want to make them too small. Now use our measuring kit to safety pin down the back seam, vertically, starting at the top. Then simply decide what length you’d like your shorts, and note down the measurement from the new waist band, to where you’d like the shorts to end. Simple!
2) Before: full length jeans. After: cut-off jagged hem jeans
Jeans this season, whether fitted or baggy, have one thing in common – ankles are out. For extra style points, keep your hem looking jagged and unfinished. These may look easy to replicate at home, but fraying can get out of control and we don’t want you left with unwearable jeans! We can create an uneven hem, which is still finished professionally to prevent unravelling threads.
3) Before: long baggy T shirt. After: stylish cropped T shirt
This is ultra-simple to do to update your summer wardrobe, and the outcome is fantastic. For the most perfect results, safety pin with a few pins into place along the front, and we’ll match the length at the back, or make a little longer if preferred.
Need help with any of your alterations? Or got a repair job that's getting out of hand? Get a quote from one of our seamstresses today, and you'll be sorted in no time. We're here to help. 

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