Like dry shampoo, 
for clothes
Remove impurities and odours from your clothes - without putting them through the wash
Instant Deodorize and Refresh
  • Scented with the essential oils of White Tea and Mint
  • Anti-bacterial benefits
  • Removes odours
  • Contains cleaning agent, reducing need to wash
  • Avoid the dry cleaners
  • Infinitely recyclable bottle 
  • Made in Britain

How To Use Your Clothing Spritz


Spray directly onto your clothing fabric in-between washes to remove any odours and give your garment a freshening up

After you have first purchased the bottle with the atomiser head, next time buy a refill and swap the head onto this 

Refresh in every way

Meet our range of products that refresh your garments and fill your home with stunning fragrance. 

Eco Wash for Sportswear and Synthetics - Clothes Doctor
Deodorise and 
Refresh Instantly

What our customers say

"Using this Clothing Spritz freshens my clothes really well, saving on unnecessary extra washes. Lovely fragrance. Clothes Doctor products have enabled me to readdress my old laundry habits for the better."

"Adore this spray. Freshens up my clothing charmingly that would normally have been washed unnecessarily soon! Thank you. All in the interests of saving climate change!"

"After using a t-shirt or a shirt I do not find any reason to wash it since it is still clean. So this spray has been more than useful - fresh smell, dries fast and the clothes feels like just came out of the washing machine. Good value for money, also great environmentally friendly product."