Collection: Moth Repellent Products

Our collection of clothing care products provides you with the ultimate natural moth defence. From the natural moth-repellent scent bags that prevent your wardrobe from becoming their home, to our knitwear mists or wool detergent that are scented for natural defence. Our needle set is also here to help you mend any moth holes.
  • Natural Moth Defence

    We use essential oils like Himalayan Cedarwood, Sage Oil, Lavender and Patchouli, which are detested by moths, but smell great to us.

  • Beautiful Scents

    Each of our products are bursting with essential oils with stunning, natural scents that drift in your wardrobe for days.

  • Infinitely Recyclable

    Our mists and detergents are packaged in aluminium bottles with a biodegradable label. Making them infinitely recyclable.

  • Made in Britain

    The Clothes Doctor workshop is based in rural Cornwall - all of our moth repellent products are lovingly made there.

  • Lavender

    Lavender has a delicate, sweet smell that is floral, herby and evergreen woodsy.

  • Patchouli

    Patchouli oil has a characteristic scent that might be described as woody, sweet, and spicy.

  • Cedarwood

    Cedarwood has a woody scent with an undertone of balsamic and a camphorous odour.

  • Sage Oil

    Sage Essential Oil has an earthy aroma with a herbaceous scent. The scent is crisp and robust.

  • Orange Oil

    The orange essential oil scent smells citrusy and sweet. Similar to the aroma of orange peels.

100% effective at protecting your clothes

Protect your precious clothes from moth attacks at every stage of its journey, from washing to refreshing and storing.

  • Knitwear Mists

    Instantly protect from moths and refresh wool fabric

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  • Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool Detergent - Clothes Doctor

    Cashmere & Wool Detergent

    Lightly scented to provide natural moth defence in every wash

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  • 'Rescue, Treat, Protect' Scented Bag Collection - Clothes Doctor

    Scent Bags

    Leave in your wardrobe to repel moths & create a beautiful scent

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