Cashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood


Our Cashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood is a special product. It is functional with a double-edged comb as well as attractive, and is hand-made from carefully selected unstained, untreated & uncoloured sustainable wood. Each comb therefore has a totally unique and naturally beautiful appearance. The 3D engraving was also made in a traditional way, with no artificial dyes or chemicals used.

The natural fibres in cashmere and wool garments inevitably start to bobble and discolour due to friction and general wear and tear, but the effect of combing can be transformational. 

The non-snagging tooth design is easily cleaned and whilst the comb will last, we recommend the comb is replaced every now and then to provide a fresh edge. Old combs can be returned or recycled. Use on your cashmere and wool once a month as part of your wardrobe maintenance routine.

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