How To Sew a Button | Onloan x Clothes Doctor

Not that long ago, make do and mend was the norm, and sewing on a button was a basic life skill. Unfortunately, with the rise of fast fashion, repairing our clothes began to seem like too much effort. 

Sewing on a button is the original and arguably the most useful skill in our whole tutorial series, exactly because it is so quick and easy to do! It's also incredibly satisfying and mindful.

Whether you're simply reattaching a button that's fallen off your favourite shirt, or perhaps you're thinking of replacing a whole set for a new look. Or to take it a step further, we just love opening a drawer full of generations of collected buttons. Flat, wooden, metal, toggle, fabric-covered... the options are endless, so why not reinvent an old baggy jumper and create a mismatched funky buttons look?!



We've partnered with Onloan to show you the simple pleasure of sewing on the buttons that have fallen off your favourite garments.

So, take this time to nurture your creativity, and care for your mind and your clothes. 

Enjoy :) 



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