How To Repair Your Bra | Beija London x Clothes Doctor

Yes, your lingerie is worth saving! And we've partnered with Beija London to tell you just how to do it. ⁠

If you need to replace the hook or that wire keeps poking you, just follow Chris' technique and continue to enjoy the feeling of comfortable and beautiful lingerie.⁠

Helping you find the perfect match of thread colour, Chris will focus on the 3 main stress areas experienced by our loved bras: 

  1. Underwire pokes out: Chris will make it simple to put the wire back in with just some simple stitches;
  2. Loose hook: Often in the washing machine your bra hook can get tangled and catch on other garments, causing the hook to weaken or become misshapen. Chris will show you her easy steps on how to replace the hook and secure it for coming out again; 
  3. Undone strap: using a ladder stitch, Chris will let you know how to avoid ripping your strap. 

You'll be amazed by what can be done with your bra using a paper clip too!





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