How to Sew a Seam on Dress | In Partnership with Beatrice Turner

If you're wondering how to repair holes in the seams of your wardrobe favourites, we've partnered with the wonderful Beatice Turner to show you how it's done.

We can't wait to help her restore one of her favourite dresses, that also happens to be super comfortable for her pregnancy so an absolute wardrobe essential for the next few months!

Not surprisingly, dresses are an obvious go-to garment for many people during pregnancy, as they're comfortable and often capacious enough to fit a growing bump. We've restyled, added elastic and extended waistbands in many garments, but in Beatrice's case, we're simply going to refresh her dress by repairing some damaged seams, and replacing the buttons to give it a whole new look.

Feel free to follow along with the video if you have an item that's coming apart at the seams.

 See here the final look with our mismatched button picks. 

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Before starting Chris has placed interfacing over the damaged area to give that extra bit of strength for anchoring stitches to repair the seam (don't worry, this won't show from the outside)! 

To start, place the shiny side of the interface against the fabric. With your iron fairly warm, very carefully lay the iron on the interface for a few seconds, all the way up and down. Be careful not to drag the iron as that can move the interfacing from where you want it. As you carefully iron, you will see that the interfacing is sticking to the fabric. Do this on the other side of the seam.

By doing this on both sides of the rip, it will give you that strength to anchor your stitches without the fabric pulling away. 

When you've finished, pull both seams together and get ready to stitch! 

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