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Written By Clothes Doctor Admin 18 Apr 2019

Earth Day is around the corner and luckily for us, it falls on a bank holiday this year, giving us the chance to reflect on how we can make a difference in 2019.

The Earth Day Network works year round to solve climate change, to end plastic pollution, to protect endangered species, and to broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement across the globe. 

Earth Day is there as a reminder for us on how we can change our habits and change things up.

We've put together a list of small steps anyone can take to do their bit:

1. Mend If You Can


Artwork by Sweden-based artist Ulla Stina-Wikander

Ripped your more than #30wears jeans? Or favourite jacket? Hole in your socks? Mend - don't replace, where you can. Most of us come from a generation of  replacing rather than fixing. Convenience will make the world stop spinning.

Luckily for us - learning anything is so easy thanks to the internet! Watch a few videos on how-to darn and fix your £30 pair of cashmere socks while watching some telly or listening to a podcast. Gone through a few DIY videos and not quite sure how to mend that rip in your jean? Don't worry - we're here to help. Have a read through our different types of repairs here, for a hassle-free mend.


2. Think Pre-Loved First

pre-loved vintage second-hand shopping

Photo by Duy Hoang

The easiest way to keep a sustainable wardrobe in-check is by buying what is already made and in circulation. Whilst this may seem counterproductive if you’re shopping for the latest fashion trends, you’ll be surprised at how quickly styles resurface, and the possibilities are endless when buying second hand. The second-hand shops in the UK are world-renowned for their variety and amazing designer treasures.


3. Alter To Fit

alter your clothes

 Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy

Whether you've shifted some weight, inherited a glamorous jacket from your gran, or stumbled upon something unusual or quirky in a charity shop or on an online marketplace, the best way to give it new life is to tailor it for the perfect fit. If that doesn't quite do the trick, tweak and refresh that piece of cloth and bring it into 2019. 

This can be done by hand after watching a few online tutorials or if that's too much faff - by us at Clothes Doctor. Browse our alteration services here. By altering and refreshing already in circulation garments you keep that garment out of the landfill and loved for longer.


4. Clothes Swap With Your Bestie


We all have a bestie or favourite sister who shares our style or have similar taste. *It's the best perk of living with a friend or sibling - having an extra wardrobe!*

Go through your wardrobe occasionally and pull out everything you don't really wear anymore - be honest with yourself! Put it in a bag and when you see that friend who kept complimenting you on the garment, give it to him/her. Clearly they love it and would love to look after it for you...for now or forever.


5. Rent Two Items Per Month

girl meets dress rent clothes

Photo by Girl Meets Dress

Trying your best to buy less but just need a fresh look? With the digital era upon us this is made super easy by renting. In the UK there are a variety of companies who help with this exact problem. Think Rent The Runway, OnLoan, Girl Meets Dress and more.

Simply browse and rent to avoid your closet (and the world) becoming overcrowded by the flavour of the month, whilst also feeding your addiction for the latest and greatest.


6. Choose Wool

okayust_okuret wool and the gang

Photo by Okayust Okuret

There are many surprising benefits of choosing wool over man-made or artificial fabrics. Wool is a natural fibre that grows on sheep, and as a result of this, is both renewable and biodegradable. The wool industry also has a much lower impact on the planet, using fewer chemicals, water, and dye than other industries such as cotton.

The benefits of wool also extend far beyond environmental factors; garments made from wool are not just breathable, but are naturally elastic, due to their fibre composition. This makes them comfortable to wear, but also means that they require less maintenance in the form of cleaning, as they are moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial too – wool is a win-win fabric.


MOST IMPORTANTLY - don't drink and online shop!

drink and shop

Photo: Getty Images

We all love having a glass or two of wine whilst browse our bookmarked online stores. This is so dangerous! Our boundaries, goals and budgets fly out the window. Instead browse through Netflix and watch the latest episode of Our Planet to remind yourself why you're celebrating Earth Day and working on living a more sustainable live. Good on you!