Shaping the Future of Your Wardrobe, Our Founder Lulu Spoke With Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Our Founder Lulu O'Connor was invited by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to their new series of online Fashion Shows to explore how fashion can thrive by designing a #circulareconomy for clothes.
Lulu joined Sara Eriksson (Strategy Lead for sustainable & circular business development at H&M), Mikaela Larsell Ayesa (Co-founder of Hack Your Closet) on the 3rd episode of Fashion Shows - ´Shaping the Future of Your Wardrobe'. They discussed the key trends that are impacting the industry now, what the potential of circular business models within the industry is, and what would be the impact of these on our future wardrobes.

The question now is: how can the fashion industry make us enjoy our wardrobes more and avoid overconsumption?

At Clothes Doctor we believe in a circular business model to extend the lifespan of our garments. Adapting to the digital transformation, we provide a convenient service where you can alter and repair your clothes from the comfort of your home.  

darning Clothes Doctor


Our goal is to change mindsets and spark a revolution where clothes are fixed not binned, as a way to help drive the movement towards reducing fashion pollution and waste. We want to encourage and empower you to build a relationship with your clothes, and everything you need is right here.