Our Zero Waste Partnership With Flair Atelier

Here at Clother Doctor HQ, we adore fashion as much as we adore sustainability. This is why we are incredibly proud to be announcing our partnership with Flair Atelier. We are joining forces to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and tailormade fashion, with beautiful dresses made on-demand, fitted perfectly to each client’s requirements, with zero production waste. What’s not to love?

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Flair Atelier is a London-based company providing an e-commerce experience like no other: it offers clients the chance to create a dress of their own design, choosing from over 2000 possible combinations. Once the design is chosen, the fabric is hand cut and sewn, following a sustainable production process with zero waste. Then, within two weeks, the perfectly tailored item will be delivered to the client’s doorstep.

As Clothes Doctor looks to revolutionise and digitise tailoring, alterations and repairs, Flair Atelier stands as a revolution in fashion. Thanks to a winning combination of technology and craftsmanship, they empower clients to create the perfect dress from any device. With a super speedy turnaround time, a tailor-made, high-quality product will be delivered without the hassle and price tag of a traditional tailor.

Lulu O’Connor, CEO and Founder of Clothes Doctor commented: We see a significant alignment between our two companies in the pursuit of a modern, technologically-driven, eco-friendly solution within a traditional industry. We look forward to supporting Flair Atelier’s growth through this collaborative partnership.

Marianna Ferro, CEO and Co-founder of Flair Atelier commented: We are very happy with this partnership, we share the same ethos and the same passion for quality. Clothes Doctor provides the ideal post-sales service to our clients, and we know we can trust them to handle precious garments.

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For more information please contact us at office@clothes-doctor.com or visit Flair Atelier online at www.flair-atelier.com.