Is Dry Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

We were featured by Zero Waste Doc, a blog offering sustainable advice, in their discussion on the environmental impact of dry cleaning. 

"As we try to reduce our waste, we often become more aware of taking better care of our belongings to help them last longer, reducing the amount of new items that need to be produced....

When trying to look after clothes, the first step is often to consult the label for care instructions. But what if the garment is recommended "dry clean only"? Is that the best way to look after that item, and if not what are the alternatives? Is dry cleaning even environmentally friendly?"

Clothes Doctor eco wash

Our products are the perfect alternative to dry cleaning, giving delicate items a specialist clean at home. They are fragranced with essential oils such as sandalwood and patchouli, and will really nourish and clean the fibres, as opposed to dry cleaning, which can cause damage to garments over time. 

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