Hurr Meets Clothes Doctor

This week we were featured by our friends over at Hurr - a clothing rental brand. We talk about how we can love our clothes better and for longer, and work towards a greener future for fashion. 

"The art of repairing our clothes—sewing a button or darning a sock—has somewhat become lost with the last couple of decades. It’s something that we’ve stopped doing as cheaper clothes became more readily available. Instead of repairing something, we could just buy a new dress or pair of socks and get rid of the old ones. It feels as though we lost our way a bit when it comes to loving our clothes....

Knitwear stacked

If you love something, you don’t just let it go and replace it that easily, right? Well, it’s time we went back to caring about and for our clothes a lot more. Why? Because if you extend the lifespan of your clothes by keeping them in use for an extra nine months, you reduce their carbon, water and waste footprint by 20-30%."
Clothing repairs

Find out more about Hurr and their mission to help you take even better care of the planet we all love.