How To Patch Jeans

Sewing a patch over a hole in a pair of jeans is a fantastic way to keep your favourite denims in action. It's also fun to do and looks great. We asked Clothes Doctor Founder Lulu to have a go at repairing her much worn favourite jeans, by doing her first ever patch. Under strict instructions from our Head Seamstress, she made this bold attempt, and you can follow her steps below. And to get all the stuff you need to do it at home, you can order our Mending Starter Kit too.

Mending Starter Kit


You will need: patch, matching or contrasting thread, needle, scissors and a pin.

1. Thread your needle - Push your thread (single thread) through the needle eye and pull through.

2. Place the fabric you're going to use directly on top the hole to measure the size you need - ideally an extra 0.5-1cm at each side of the hole is good.

3. Cut out your patch.

4. Put the patch over the hole and pin both fabrics together to keep it in place.

5. Start by doing small blanket stitches: pass the needle in and out of the fabric at a regular distance, through both layers of denim. Not sure how to blanket stitch? Neither did Lulu, she followed Chris' tips and techniques to find out! 

6. Start off with your blanket stitching, pushing the thread through both fabrics, then back up to the outer side of the patch. As the loop tightens, push the needle through the loop to catch the thread, and then move a little along to the right on the edge of the patch and repeat.

7. Continue this process right round the edge of the patch.

Lulu found the corners a little tricky, hopefully it doesn't look too obvious though!

8. When the patch is secured on all sides, push the needle through to the inside and do a couple of small straight stitches underneath to finish it off, then snip off any excess thread.

9. Tun the garment back to the front and snip off any frayed edges. Survey your handiwork. And there you have it! The (almost) perfect patch! What do you think of Lulu's work? Let us know by commenting below :)

Do you have a repair that you would like us to undertake?