How to Clean Your Coat at Home This Winter

Forget expensive dry cleaning: save money and time by cleaning your winter coat at home.

It's the time of year for digging in our wardrobes and pulling out our favourite winter layers. With the lockdown meaning that meeting outside is the only option for many of us for the time being, that's even more reason to make sure your outer layers are immaculate. A winter coat is an investment item, but that doesn't mean we need to buy a new one every season. For repairs such as fixing zips or replacing buttons, you can view our tutorials or contact our team for a quote, but for cleaning, the best place to start is at home!

Cleaning a Wool or Wool Blend Coat

A wool coat can be cleaned at home for a fraction of the price of taking it to the dry cleaners. Start by looking it over carefully to see what needs doing:

Clothes Brush

Step 1:

Are there dry dirt marks like mud, dust, food, powder? If so then take our Clothes Brush and give the coat a good brush down, particularly focusing on the spot marks. Don't brush too hard! You should find that most dried on marks will brush off quite easily.


Cashmere washStep 2:

Are there stains or discolouration? If so then try using our Cashmere and Wool Wash as a spot cleaner. It's very gentle and smells lovely so doesn't need to be washed out. You can dab it on with our Natural Sea Sponge and gently rub the stain until it lifts.

Cashmere CombStep 3:

Grubby looking bobbles, lint and hair ruining the look? Then our Cashmere Comb is perfect, and also so satisfying! Run it gently across the fabric and it will catch the loose fibres so you can remove and throw them away - transformational!


Step 4:

Smells funny? Steam cleaning is the answer. Did you know that steaming kills 96% of bacteria, so will kill that smell! You can put a dash of our Cashmere and Wool Wash into the steamer for extra freshness. We use a little handheld one which takes a minute to heat up and is amazing! 


Job done!
Fragrance Bags
Don't forget to pop it back in the wardrobe with a Natural Fragrance Bag to keep the moths away.


Leather jacket repair

Cleaning a Leather Jacket

Step 1:

Cleaning the Lining Most likely the only bit of the lining that really needs cleaning is around the armpits, to remove any odours. The best way to do this is with a steamer, with a dash of our Cashmere and Wool Wash in the steamer water. However you need to make sure that you don't overheat the leather itself, so try to pull the lining away from the leather, letting it hang down, or if there's a separation in the lining, pop a towel inside to protect the leather. Then you can lightly steam the lining to freshen it up. If you can't separate the lining from the leather in the armpit area, for example, if it's stitched in place along the arm seam, then it might be better to use a sponge and our Cashmere and Wool liquid detergent to sponge it down by hand.

Leather kitStep 2:

Cleaning the Exterior This is easy, and very mindful to do! Take our Sandalwood Leather Balm, and our Natural Sponge (available to buy as a kit here: Leather Care Kit) and dab the balm onto the leather in a circular motion. One pot of balm should be good for a whole leather jacket with some to spare. The balm will soften, clean and protect the jacket from damage. When you're finished you can simply give it a light buff with the Bamboo Cloth available in the set. Marvel at the transformation!


Cleaning a Puffer Jacket

Silk detergent
The most eco-friendly way to do this is to sponge it down by hand with our Silk and Delicates Wash. However if you're looking for a full fluff up, you can put it on the delicate cycle in the washing machine with the Silk and Delicates Wash, and then a brief stint in the tumble dryer with a tennis ball to stop the feathers clumping. It should look fantastic!


fur coat
Cleaning a Fur or Faux Fur Coat

Some of us have old fur coats in our wardrobes passed down from parents and grandparents. Although many of us no longer wear fur, we believe that all clothing should be cared for and treasured, so here we give advice on caring for fur as well as faux fur:

Step 1:

Fur Only - Soften the Pelt: Many fur coats dry out and crack due to age. If you can access the pelt from the inside (maybe due to a separation in the lining) then you can use our Sandalwood Leather Balm to soften this up and prevent the coat tearing. See instructions above for the Leather Jacket Clean.

SHOP NOWClothes Brush

Step 2:

Faux Fur and Fur - Restore Shine: Use a brush to refresh and brighten the exterior. Our Clothes Brush will do the trick, but even better if you have an actual furrier brush - this has wider metal bristles/spokes which run through the fur better. A wide-toothed comb would also work.


Step 3:

Faux Fur and Fur - Remove Odours: A light steam of the lining under the arms using a dash of our Silk and Delicates Wash in the steamer water, will refresh the garment and remove odours and bacteria. Try to avoid too much heat passing through to the exterior of the coat if you can.


So to sum up, with a bit of knowledge and the right essentials, you can safely clean your winter coat at home and avoid the toxic chemicals, plastic and expense of the dry cleaners. For repairs, contact our team.