Green Is the New Black

Black Friday is here, and it's bad news for the planet. The fashion industry is set to offload thousands of tonnes of clothing this weekend, as we are encouraged to forget about what already sits in our wardrobes. 

But we must consider the impact of our shopping habits on the planet this weekend. With more than two tonnes of clothing bought each minute in the UK and the average lifetime of a garment only 2.2. years (Oxfam), our wardrobes are quickly filling with clothes that we hardly wear.

As Fashion Revolution comment, “We need to find ways to break free from our addiction, reverse the throwaway culture and discover new ways to love our clothes. Far from being a part of the problem, we can all, enthusiastically and creatively, become a part of the solution.” 

This season, we want to help you renew your existing wardrobe, instead of buying new. We are offering an exclusive 15% off all gift cards & repairs to help make your Black Friday that little bit greener. Continue reading our 5 step guide to find out more. 


1. Repair & restore  

There are many reasons why we might fall out of love with or no longer wear an old favourite. Whether we've found a hole or tear in a jumper or picked up a pre-loved gem in a vintage shop in the wrong size, it might seem tempting to replace the item. 

But we believe that every piece in our wardrobe has the potential to become a favourite again, so before you throw it out or replace it this weekend, consider your mending and restoring options. 

The possibilities are truly endless - chat to a seamstress today to re-discover your wardrobe and enjoy our exclusive 15% off with code GREENFRIDAY.Clothes repairs

2. Alter to get the perfect fit 

Whether you've inherited a fabulous jacket, or stumbled upon something unusual unique in a charity shop, the best way to give it new life is to tailor it for the perfect fit. 

By altering and refreshing an item already in circulation, you are keeping that garment out of landfill and getting more from your wardrobe. Browse our alteration services here and enjoy 15% off with code GREENFRIDAY.

Clothes Alterations

3. Swap, think pre-loved, & rent 

Trying your best to buy less but crave a fresh look? Expanding your wardrobe doesn't have to mean buying new.

Next time you just need that dress for a special occasion, browse your local second-hand shop, or consider renting. You are more likely to find a unique piece this way! 

We love Hurr, By Rotation, and OnLoan. You could also do a clothes swap with friends or family to refresh your wardrobe and get your hands on that piece you've been eyeing up. 

Return the favour to a loved one with a Clothes Doctor gift card. Grab 15% off for this weekend only with code GREENFRIDAY.

4. Detox your laundry routine

 According to Fashion Revolution, up to 25% of each garment’s carbon footprint comes from the way we wash and care for our garments.

Laundry is a key part of any laundry maintenance routine, and over-washing is one of the main reasons why our clothes might fade, shrink, or lose their shape. Washing too often will age a garment prematurely by causing the fibres to deteriorate faster. 

Think twice before sending delicate items to the dry cleaners. This is incredibly damaging to our clothes and the planet – not to mention it will be returned to you in plastic. Instead, we recommend using a delicate hand wash with a gentle detergent such as Clothes Doctor’s Eco Wash for Silk & Delicates

You could also try steaming as a natural method to give your clothes a quick refresh. 
Eco laundry

5. Practice good storage habits   

Our hard-working clothes deserve to be looked after between wearing, and practising good storage habits can go a long way to increase the lifespan of our wardrobe.

Start with a clean, cool, dark, dry space; this will protect our clothes from humidity, sunlight, and damp. Invest in decent wooden hangers and leave plenty of space between garments to allow them to breathe. T-shirts, jumpers, and anything heavy or beaded generally prefer to be folded. You could even line your drawers with tissue paper for extra protection. 
 Storing clothes

Get 15% off our gift cards, repair and rework services for this weekend only and embrace a greener wardrobe. 

Use code GREENFRIDAY until midnight Sunday 1st. 

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