Getting Festival-Ready With Clothes Doctor

A behind-the-scenes look at an outfit creation for Burning Man in Nevada

Festival season offers a chance for us to break free from formalities, dress up and channel our creativity. We love working with clients to create custom outfits, especially when the brief is adventurous and unique. Over the past months we have been busy in the workshop working on an outfit to be worn at the globally renowned Burning Man festival in Nevada. Here’s a sneak peek into what we created and how we did it.

1) Discuss the brief: To create something unique to wear at Burning Man Festival that included feathers and had a sleek, dark finish.

2) Together we came up with a number of concepts and narrowed these down to three designs.

3) We requested some garments to use as a base for the outfit. In this case it was bikinis and accessories.

4) We sourced the perfect material and additional accessories to take the idea from concept for realisation. Once all feathers, sequins, mirror pieces and leather arrived in the workshop, we got to work.

5) Images and videos of the outfit in development were sent to the client for approval.

6) The customised Burning Man outfit was carefully packed up and delivered to our clients’ door.

Festival Customisation 1
Festival Outfit Customisation 6

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