Elle Belle's Notebook: Interview With Our Founder Lulu

Last week our founder Lulu was interviewed by Elle's Belle's Notebook to talk everything Clothes Doctor.

Lulu Clothes Doctor

1. How did Clothes Doctor come about?

I started Clothes Doctor after my favourite coat ripped on the way to a really important meeting back when I was working in Finance in the City. The experience of trying to find a mending service in my local area that was convenient and high-quality was frustrating. When I began looking into the industry as a whole, I realised that it was outdated, and there wasn’t a service available that I could trust, especially for more specialist work that the dry cleaners just wouldn’t do. 

I began to think that there had to be an alternative and wanted to build a platform that allowed people to look after their clothes, in a way that was convenient and easy to use, with high-quality work guaranteed. I also started to become more and more interested in the effect fast fashion was having on the planet, and realised the importance of caring for our clothes properly and finding solutions to help prevent garments from ending up in landfill. So I hoped Clothes Doctor would help consumers contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

2. How do the services work? 

We offer a range of clothing repair, alteration, and restoration treatments to customers across the UK via our digital platform and walk-in locations. 

You can order a service via our website, which is set up for quick, easy, and hassle-free ordering. You can also receive instant advice from an expert using our live chat or Facetime consultation feature. Once you have ordered, you can opt to send it to our workshop via courier, or have it collected from your home if you live in central London. If you prefer a face-to-face service, or need help with pinning, you can drop into our London Farringdon office or Cornwall workshop. 

Once we have received the order, our team of expert craftswomen will complete the work, keeping you updated at every step of the process. Your order will then be sent back to your preferred location, whether that be home, work, our walk-in locations, or a local pick-up point. 

Our proprietary repair and alteration techniques cover everything from cashmere, wool, silk, suit fabric, through to more specialist leather or bespoke work. We can help bring your ideas to life and find solutions for every garment and fabric type.

We are constantly innovating to make our practices more sustainable. For example, with the reusable canvas bags we use to transport your clothes and the fully recyclable packaging used to return your order. 

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