Our founder Lulu recently appeared on BBC Two's Dragons Den to showcase our range of services and eco products. We spoke to Lulu about her experience on the show and what we've been up to since then.

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Lulu, Founder of Clothes Doctor

Lulu, founder of Clothes Doctor

“We had a brilliant and sometimes bemusing day filming Dragons Den many months ago! It was a great platform to reach a new audience with our products and services and we’ve been amazed and gratified by the response from the public and other businesses...

Clothes Doctor eco products

Clothes Doctor's eco-products 

Although the Dragons themselves misunderstood our numbers and P&L on the show, we were not at all fazed as have learnt that this is quite common. The programme has opened many new doors for us and we are delighted to be inundated with new growth opportunities and customer enquiries.”

If you have any questions about our appearance on Dragons Den, or would like to find out more about opportunities to work with us, you can contact us on

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I was actually shouting at the TV … I know it’s all for good telly but they really didn’t get it. (I don’t watch DD but the rest of the family do and it was my sister who said ‘isn’t that the company that mended your suit’ so I sat through it … and ranted).

I’m glad you’ve got more exposure and that they haven’t deterred the skilled craftsmanship that you offer.

Mary Wells September 16, 2019

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