How To Care For Your Winter Clothing | Repairing Moth Damage

As sunny evenings are being replaced by drizzly nights and a new chill is sweeping through the air, you may be starting to grab your thick winter coat and woolly jumpers from the back of your closet. Although, as some of these garments have been in storage since last spring, we bet you're finding that the odd garment needs a little bit of TLC. Well, we've brought you the solutions to all those winter clothing problems - here's how to care for your winter clothing.  
Moth Damage
With any luck, you'll have managed to avoid the nightmarish moth damage that can wreaking havoc on your winter clothing, but if you have suffered at the hands of moths, here are some tips to revive your knitwear.
Darning - We've brought you an absolute must-have for a moth ridden wardrobe, our new Clothes Doctor Darning and Mending Support and Darning Needle Set. This darning mushroom provides the perfect mending support for when you're fixing up any moth hole-y garment, plus, learning to mend means you don't need to buy new winter clothing every year. Winner!
Simply insert your darning support into the garment and position it under the hole. Take your darning needle from our set and your wool yarn, then you need to create a sort of woven patch over the top of the hole - watch our YouTube tutorial to learn the technique. Use a close colour matching wool for an invisible mend, or go wild with bright colours for some (very on-trend) visible mending. 
To avoid further moth damage terrorising your wardrobe, when you put your garments back into storage try storing your winter clothing with our Natural Fragrance Bags - they're bursting with an amazing blend of dried herbs, flowers and woodchips; delightful for us, disgusting for a moth. 
Winter Coat
A good winter coat should be a keeper for many many years - if you take care of it well. 
De-pilling - Have you ever grabbed your winter coat out from storage and noticed it's covered in tiny bobbles? They're caused by the friction between fibres when you're wearing the garment - particular problem areas for this are often sleeves or the neck/collar. 
Don't waste your time trying to pick them off by hand (trust us, you'll be there for years), just grab one of our Cashmere Combs and your winter coat will be looking brand new in no time. 
It's worthwhile every few years to also check your waterproof coats are still, well, waterproof. Better to check with some drips on a coat sleeve at home than to be caught in a downpour and realise your winter coat isn't waterproof. You can buy re-waterproofing sprays from most hardware shops, or online. Better safe than sorry!
Leather Care
If you're anything like us, winter time means chilly toes, so a good pair of leather boots is a must. Leather is a tough fabric, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't need any love. 
Rehydrating leather with a balm is a great way to breathe new life into leather. Our Sandalwood Leather Balm contains a blend of natural waxes and rosins which can be applied to your favourite leather garments, to soften, restore and protect them from damage. Use on boots, jackets - any leather at all (even vegan leather!) The gorgeous scent is a plus too. 
Your wardrobe should now be well and truly winter-proof, it's time to rock that winter coat again! From chilly evenings to snow storms, we've got your winter clothing care covered.
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