Wellness For Your Wardrobe

Start a beauty regime for your clothes with our range of eco-friendly products to cleanse, revive and reinvigorate the pieces you love. Each one naturally fragranced with beautiful blends of essential oils.

Your Moth Repellents Essentials

Our range of natural moth repellents protect your clothes and wardrobe from moth attacks.

The natural fragrances - that smell stunning to us, but horrible to moths, prevent moths from getting near your wardrobe favourites.

From natural scent bags to knitwear mists, our moth repellents protect your clothes while refreshing your wardrobe scent.

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Our Story


When we feel good, we look good and it's no different for our clothes. Yet our typical laundry day routines do more harm than good, with each cycle washing a little more life out of them (and us)!

So in 2017, I left my City job and started Clothes Doctor, with the mission to reduce waste and make caring for the clothes we have just as enjoyable as buying new.

Inspired by nature, but rooted in science; our expertly formulated products are crafted with natural, active ingredients and essential oils to extend the life of the clothes we love, and prescribe a dose of added luxury within our everyday routines.